Our Pricing

We are a self-pay clinic and are as transparent as possible with our pricing.

New Patient Visit

90 minute first office visit: comprehensive health evaluation and initial treatment plan.


Established Patient Visit

45-60 minute follow-up visit. Review of current health status and treatment plan.


Acute Same-Day Visit

30-60 minute visit for an urgent concern needing to be evaluated quickly (i.e. cold, fast change in health status).

$90 - $165


Video or phone virtual visits available for patients in Maine and Vermont.

$90 - $295

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Alternating hot and cold  water applications along with low-level electric stimulation. 


$195 for 3 treatments

Peat Pack

Application of peat to abdomen or treatment area with hot pack.


$150 for 3 treatments

Castor Oil Pack

Application of anti-inflammatory castor oil to area of concern with hot pack. 



$120 for 3 treatments

Peat Bath

Hot bath with Moor mud (matured peat) followed by a cold sheet wrap.

Coming Soon!

Types of Payment Accepted

We accept the following payment methods:

cash, check, HSA/FSA* cards, and all credit/debit cards.


*Please note that insurance coverage varies for Health Savings and Flex Spending accounts, to confirm if Naturopathic Care is covered please contact your insurance provider to determine individual coverage.

817 Commercial Street

Rockport, ME 04856

PHONE: 207-466-9079
FAX: 207-466-9104

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