Our Pricing

We are a self-pay clinic and are as transparent as possible with our pricing.

New Patient Visit

90 minute first office visit: comprehensive health evaluation and initial treatment plan.


$200 (60 minute under age 16)

Established Patient Visit

45-60 minute follow-up visit. Review of current health status and treatment plan.


Acute Same-Day Visit

30-60 minute visit for an urgent concern needing to be evaluated quickly (i.e. cold, fast change in health status).

$90 - $165

Phone Consultation
For Prospective Patients

10-minute phone chat with

Dr. Maloof to determine if naturopathic medicine is

right for you.




Video or phone virtual visits available for patients in Maine and Vermont.

$90 - $295

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Alternating hot and cold  water applications along with low-level electric stimulation. 


$195 for 3 treatments

Bowen Therapy

Gentle touch therapy that initiates a series of responses by stimulating the nervous, musculoskeletal, fascial and energetic systems.


$225 for 3 treatments

Peat Pack or
Castor Oil Pack

Application of peat or castor oil to abdomen or area of concern with hot pack. 


$150 for 3 treatments

Types of Payment Accepted

We accept the following payment methods:

cash, check, HSA/FSA* cards, and all credit/debit cards.


*Please note that insurance coverage varies for Health Savings and Flex Spending accounts, to confirm if Naturopathic Care is covered please contact your insurance provider to determine individual coverage.