Herbal Remedies

Naturopathic Visits

Atlas Naturopathic Health Center is proud to serve the Mid-Coast Maine community. We have a variety of services offered to meet your unique needs.


We offer both in-person and telehealth options for your visits.

Naturopathic Family Medicine

Comprehensive health evaluation and treatment plan to address the

whole person.

Personalized Nutrition

Figuring out what are the best foods to be eating can be challenging. We can help you create the best nutrition plan design specifically for your needs and concerns.

Lyme Disease & Co-infections

We offer effective treatments for new and chronic lyme disease and other infections from ticks. 

Specialty & Standard Lab Testing

Comprehensive bloodwork and specialty lab testing available to learn more about your condition or to determine an underlying cause of symptoms.

Botanical Medicine

Botanicals (herbs) are often used by naturopathic doctors to support the healing process and as natural medicinal alternative.

Therapeutic Supplements

High quality therapeutic supplements from professional grade companies to support your journey to health.

Naturopathic Adjustments

Gentle support for alignment of joints, spine, and muscles. Helps in support of healing musculoskeletal conditions.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Maloof can guide you in therapeutic and safe uses of essential oils.


Hydrotherapy Treatments

Water has had a long history of use in medicine: from simple treatments such as a warm bath for sore muscles, or an ice pack to sprained ankle, to more complex treatments used by naturopathic doctors today.


Contemporary hydrotherapy uses a range of temperatures (cold, neutral, warm, and hot) and variety of applications of water to the body. There are many different therapies of water that are powerful and useful in supporting your body to create health from the outside in. These therapies are a safe, gentle, and effective way to improve health and wellness. 

Hand Touching Water
Abstract Water

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Alternating hot and cold  water applications along with low-level electric stimulation. We also offer relaxing music and essential oils as included options.

60 minute treatment

Mineral Mask

Peat Pack with Dry Sheet Wrap

Use of detoxifying therapeutic Moor mud (matured peat) from Europe applied to an area of the body & dry sheet wrap.

30 minute treatment

Bottled Olive Oil

Castor Oil Pack

Use of anti-inflammatory and detoxifying caster oil applied to a specific area of the body along with a hot pack.

30 minute treatment

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We offer dōTERRA essential oils and relaxing music as included options for any of our hydrotherapy and bodywork treatments.

Swedish Massage

Bowen Therapy

Bowenwork (aka Bowen therapy) is a system of light touch that initiates a series of responses through stimulation of the nervous, musculoskeletal, fascial and energetic systems of the body.  It is known to reset the autonomic nervous system, balance stress responses, and return your body to its original blueprint.


Often referred to as homeopathy of bodywork, Bowen therapy  engages the body’s natural healing abilities. 

Bowenwork can be beneficial for people of all ages and degrees of health.

Active Man

Musculoskeletal Support

Bowen helps the body in healing  muscle and joints concerns:

- Chronic & Acute Pain

- Joint/Sports injuries

- Exercise recovery

- TMJ Pain

and more...

Pregnant Woman

 Pregnancy & Postpartum

Bowen supports the body's ability to adapt to the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and postpartum.

Brain Sketch_edited.jpg

Nervous System

Bowen can assist in healing:

- Anxiety & Depression 

- Fibromyalagia

- Chronic Fatigue

- Headaches/Migraines

- Tinnitus

- Chronic Stress

and more...

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We offer dōTERRA essential oils and relaxing music as included options for any of our hydrotherapy and bodywork treatments.