Bodywork & Healing Arts

At Atlas Naturopathic we honor many modern and ancient traditions to support healing of the body:

Body Massage
Relaxing Massage

Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a system of light touch that initiates a series of responses through stimulation of the nervous, musculoskeletal, fascial and energetic systems of the body.  It is known to reset the autonomic nervous system, balance stress responses, and return your body to its original blueprint.


Often referred to as homeopathy of bodywork, Bowen therapy  engages the body’s natural healing abilities. Bowen can be beneficial for people of all ages and degrees of health.

Bowen therapy can support: Muscles & Joints, Pregnancy,

Post-partum, neurological concerns and more.


60 minute treatment

Head Massage

Reiki - Energy Healing

Reiki is a traditional Japanese energy healing technique dating

back to the 1900's. The practitioner uses their hands to deliver

energy into the body to create balance and flow of your own

energy & healing force.

Reiki promotes: stress reduction, bone & tissue healing after

injury or surgery, natural self-healing, relief of pain/tension, and

overall well-being & peace. 

Reiki creates a meditative state and can be a harmonious and

safe addition to any other medical treatments (i.e. chemo,

radiation, surgery, physical therapy, Bowenwork and more).

60 minute treatment

Abstract Water

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

A traditional Naturopathic treatment first written about in 1886, constitutional hydrotherapy utilizes water as a powerful tool for healing from the outside in.


This treatment consists of Alternating hot and cold  water applications to the abdomen and back, along with

low-level e-stim (a modern addition).


Hydrotherapy is safe, gentle, and effective way to improve

health and wellness including support for: immune system,

stress management, circulation and detox. 

60 minute treatment

Mineral Mask

Peat Pack with Dry Sheet Wrap

Moor mud is a special peat that has matured over thousands of years in European peat bogs. This mud is

rich in minerals and plant compounds that support detoxification and reduces inflammation.

A peat pack is applied to the abdomen with a hot pack and then the body is wrapped in a dry sheet and blanket.

Excellent support during any detox program (including heavy metals), GI conditions, and more

30 minute treatment


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy supports the body in many ways including: decreasing stress, boost immune function, support mental health & wellness, pain management, improve physical fitness and more.

Massage therapy compliments many health, fitness

and wellness goals

Coming Soon!

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We offer dōTERRA essential oils and relaxing music as included options for any of our bodywork and healing arts treatments. An essential oil of your choosing can be gently diffused during your treatment to support relaxation.


These essential oils are of the highest quality and unrivaled testing standards for purity. If you discover your new favorite oil, we also offer oils for sale at reception.

Complimentary with any treatment.