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Healing Arts Offerings

At Atlas Naturopathic we honor many modern and ancient traditions to support healing of the body. 

Inspired by nature's healing power, we offer a variety of treatments to enhance your health.

Aromatheapy Oils
Sauna Room

Infrared Sauna & Red Light Therapy

Optimize your health and wellness with Infrared Sauna and Red light therapy. This all-in-one sauna supports:

- Detoxification

- Immunity

- Muscle Recovery

- Sleep / Relaxation

- Weight Management

- Anti-aging

and more...

Infrared sauna with Red Light therapy compliments many health, fitness and wellness goals. Learn more here.

30 minute session


Cold Wrap

A traditional Naturopathic treatment first written about in 1886, cold hydrotherapy utilizes water as a powerful tool for healing from the outside in.


This treatment consists of a full body wrap with a cold sheet and wool blanket. You lay on a comfortable massage table and your body naturally warms the cold wrap.


This treatment is an add-on following your sauna session.


Cold wrap is safe, gentle, and effective way to support: immune system, stress management, circulation and detox. 

15 minute treatment

Moor Mud

Peat Pack with Dry Sheet Wrap

Moor mud is a special peat that has matured over thousands of years in European peat bogs. This mud is

rich in minerals and plant compounds that support detoxification and reduces inflammation.

A peat pack is applied to the abdomen with a hot pack and then the body is wrapped in a dry sheet and blanket.

Excellent support during any detox program (including heavy metals), GI conditions, and more

30 minute treatment



We offer dōTERRA essential oils and relaxing music as included options for any of our bodywork and healing arts treatments. An essential oil of your choosing can be gently diffused during your treatment to support relaxation.


These essential oils are of the highest quality and unrivaled testing standards for purity. If you discover your new favorite oil, we also offer oils for sale at reception.

Complimentary with any treatment.

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